This time last year I had just returned from my ICS placement in Zimbabwe. 12 months later and today I was speaking to room of journalists about the launch of Action/2015, continuing to push for the voice of young people at the table.

I spoke to them about Brandon, a boy that had approached me wanting to learn what rights he had as a young citizen of Zimbabwe. I reflected on not only the importance spreading that knowledge to empower the younger generation, but also the importance in upholding those rights at a national and global level and making sure governments are held to account.



My 12 months post-ICS has been full; I have been lucky enough to access key decision-makers in the post-2015 process, lobby high-level meetings and keep advocating for the rights of the young people I met on placement. As we begin this crucial year where a billion lives hang in the balance, I want to see those same opportunities made available to the fellow advocates fighting for change all over the world. I want their voices to be heard and their input to be more than tokenistic, for young people to have meaningful participation in the decisions that will directly be affect them.


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